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Mike B.

Frank, we are very happy that we had the ducts cleaned.  After living in the house for 39 years, doing two major remodeling jobs during that time and never having had them cleaned, we were way overdue.  The before-and-after pictures were amazing and the resultant cleaner air has made it far easier for my wife to breathe. She used to complain about a "smoky" smell, that frankly I could never smell myself.  But now that we have had you clean the ducts, even I notice the difference. The air is better.

In addition to the result, I want to comment on the care that you took to prevent the house from becoming a mess. Ours was a difficult job because of the design of the system and the way the ducts were hidden, but you managed to get every nook and cranny. I have recommended you and your work to friends and co-workers. It is hard to get people excited about duct cleaning, but when they see the pictures they start thinking about what they might be breathing. Thanks very much!

Dave B. (Realtor)

One of the toughest problems to overcome in selling a house is when the sellers have been long time smokers. When there is a strong enough smell from cigarettes most buyers will turn and walk out often times refusing to go in. I want to thank you for the great job you did in helping me sell a home I listed which was occupied by a smoker of 30 years.

The sellers had all the carpeting replaced and the walls painted with a special primer in order to remove the smell.  Even though it helped there was still a strong presence of cigarette smoke. After you cleaned the ducts with your system the smell of smoke was completely gone and it helped to facilitate a quick sale. I would recommend your service to anyone who is trying rid their home of cigarette smell. Thank you for your quick response and professionalism.

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Rachel S.

I used to sneeze every time the furnace kicked on. After you cleaned our vents, my allergies have dissappeared! Our family is breathing healthier and allergy-free thanks to Duck Works Environmental.