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Why clean a commercial HVAC system?

Increased System Efficiency = Lower Energy Costs
(Clogged evaporator and heat coils are 20% less efficient and dust and debris buildup on turning vanes, VAV's, dampers and ducts will cause the air handler to run longer to heat or cool the space. Less efficiency means increased energy costs. With energy costs going up you can help your company save money now.)

Avoid Sick Building Syndrome Losses to Productivity
(Sick Building Syndrome can be very costly to your company’s bottom line because of absenteeism and general lack of morale. If some of your employees feel better when not at work and worse while on the job, you may have a Sick Building. We have worked with several companies in S.E. Wisconsin to eliminate this chronic problem).

3 keys to good indoor air quality

  1. Ventilation: The efficiency of your ventilation system has a direct correlation to the quality of the air inside your building. Occupants of a building where air is not properly distributed to all areas, or where there is inadequate fresh air entering the system, will likely contribute to indoor air pollution complaints. Ventilation systems that have large amounts of dust and debris on the ducts and components inside may have air flow restrictions, which can affect the comfort of building occupants. Likewise, this restriction will lead to higher energy costs.
  2. Filtration: Most often we find low-efficiency filters installed in commercial air handling systems. The result is a large percentage of dust, chemical residues, grease, smoke and other foreign matter is carried by the airstream. These airborne contaminates then pass through the filters, coating the ducts with energy-robbing material. These contaminants are then blown out into the air, which in turn is breathed by employees and adheres to furnishings. This creates higher housekeeping costs.
  3. Maintenance: A good maintenance program for the mechanical systems in the air conveyance system is the key to preventing indoor air quality issues. Existing buildings, however, must take steps to clean the air conveyance system and all of its components.

Sick building syndrome

It is easy to see how a workplace can be harmful to a person's health. Buildings are complex and their air conveyance systems are as well. Sick Building Syndrome is a national problem affecting everyone's health at home and work. Thousands of documented Sick Buildings have been traced to contaminated air handling systems.

Ways you can detect Sick Building Syndrome:

It only makes sense to maintain a safe environment for people at work. Our experience covering almost a decade, along with our state of the art equipment, allows us to restore your air handling system to the peak of performance.

Remember, if you can’t breathe, nothing else matters!

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